What am I missing about $GOOGL?

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I own GOOGL but two main things to consider would probably be regulatory headwinds and how slowly they’re monetizing outside of ads.


Google has always moved a little more slowly. It makes a crap ton of money off advertising, but its revenue stream has never been that diversified. It doesn’t pay a dividend either, unlike Apple or MSFT. Still, it kind of just chugs along.


Not missing anything. Buy it


You’re not really missing anything, but keep in mind that you want to compare P/E ratios not only within Google’s own history, but also with comparable companies in the advertising/cloud space.   A example of a trap when only looking at historical P/E’s using your same logic (and similar industry, similar stature, similar but more pronounced regulatory headwinds) would be BABA.


Selling begets selling. Weak short term price action makes investors hesitant regardless of the company’s actual fundamentals.