What did your body tell you that you had to absolutely stop doing?

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Pulling all nighters for any reason. My body will not tolerate it anymore.


I use to take pills all the time to get high when I was going through some shit in my early 20’s that I didn’t really know how to handle at the time. Well one day while doing the pills, my body just said “no more” and I projectile vomited everywhere in my room and bathroom. It got on the walls and floor. I was living with my parents at the time and blamed it on food poisoning or something like that. I tried again every day for like a week and each time I just threw them back up. And thats how I got clean off these pills 🙂 Drug free to this day!


Got seizures from drinking more or less a liter of vodka a day. Took a few years, but I’m now standing at 648 days AF 🙂


Im a Barber and although I love the job it gives me terrible anxiety. In the process of figuring this one out right now…


I just checked my blood sugar today and it is outrageous, so it looks like my food shenanigans are over.