Why has the total stock market been slowly dipping so far this year?

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Putin bad. War bad. Oil expensive. Everyone needs oil. China sick. China close down. Stuff comes from China. Logistics slow. Stuff expensive. People want stuff now. Stuff more expensive. Inflation rise. Bonds rise. Stocks go down. Microchips hard to make. Companies want more microchips now. Can’t make microchips faster. Production slow. Not the end.


It’s a controlled recession. Instead of allowing to drop 50%, they’ll keep pumping it to maintain. Many tech stocks have dropped 50% but no one notices because companies like apple cover it up


Jpowell ended the party


Mainly due to interest rates rising coupled with inflation. Some think the reduction of the Fed’s balance sheet is priced in. Others think that drop has not been seen yet. I agree with that sentiment.


It is a natural ebb and flow dude it’s healthy