5-minute breathing workout lowers blood pressure as much as exercise, drugs

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The amount of condescending ‘lose weight, work out more!’ comments says a lot about the ignorance on blood pressure issues here. Plenty of otherwise healthy great BMI people still have compromised Nitric oxide levels or endothelial tissue damage.


So how exactly do you do this exercise? I couldn’t quite figure it out from the article


Breathing techniques are simply slowing the rate of air as it moves through nostrils picking up NItric Oxide from the bacteria there. Increasing that nitric oxide absorption raises it in the bloodstream, leading to vasodilation. Same reason that congested/blocked/sleep apnea all raise your blood pressure. I can’t believe how fundamental knowledge about our blood vessels seems so overlooked. Nitric oxide has several sources and the bacteria in our mouths and nostrils is a significant one, which is why mouth washes have been proven to raise blood pressure after use. They kill off a ton of valuable bacteria which convert nitric oxide for us.


Looks almost like they add words to the end randomly, drugs.


What lowered my blood presure to 120/80 levels is cutting out sugar and intermittent fasting. Cant recommend enough