A father buys a lie detector that slaps people when they lie. He decided to test it out at dinner one night.

The father asks his son what he did that afternoon. The son replies “I just did some homework.” The robot slaps the son. The son then says “Okay, okay. I was at my friends house watching a movie.” Dad asks “What movie were you watching?” The son replies “Finding Nemo”. The robot slaps the son. He then says “Okay, okay. We were watching porn.” Dad said “What?! At your age I didn’t know what porn was.” The robot slaps the father. Mom laughs and says “Wow. He certainly is your son.” The robot slaps the mother.

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‟Never heard this one before!” The robot slaps *me*.


Chris Rock wasn’t actually looking forward to GI Jane 2


Another version of the joke. During the dinner, the mother asks the son: – What grade did you get at school today? – I got an A, mom! The robot slaps him. – I meant, it was a B! The robot slaps him again. – Okay, okay, it was an F! The mother replies: – You should be ashamed. When I went to school, I had straight As! The robot slaps her. – Okay, maybe there were a couple of Bs and Cs. The robot slaps her again. – All right, I did get some Fs. The dad shakes his head and starts: – You should both be ashamed. When I went to school– The robot slaps him.


We need a robot that slps people each time they repost a joke.


then the sister comes in and shouts “dad” robot slaps her too