A man wakes up in the hospital. An attractive nurse says “you were in a bad accident and you can’t feel anything from the waist down”…

So the man replies, “well then can I feel your tits?” -Gilbert Gottfried original told on the Doug Loves Movies podcast. RIP Gilbert.

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RIP Gilbert.


Gilbert Gottfried will be dearly missed


First learned of him on USA up all night. I was way too young to get most of the movies were like b movies with lots of stuff cut out to air on TV but they let so much slip. I had a huge crush on Rhonda Shear and old Gilbert made me laugh just by the sound of his voice


My name is Gilbert Gottfried and I’m shitting and pissing and Cumming


Gilbert Gottfrey died at the age of 67 Just more evidence that even with money some people will never get 69