A man was sentenced to 20 years in prison for some crimes that he’d committed.

The 20 years were just about to come to an end when the man falls sick. On his last day he unfortunately ends up in a coma due to the mental distress from living in prison for so long. As he is being admitted to the hospital, the warden runs towards him and extends his sentence to another 20 years! You might think that’s uncalled for, but he was right. You aren’t supposed to end a sentence with a coma.

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Luckily, the man wakes up after a while and spends the rest of his sentence without issues. After the now 40 year sentence is nearly finished, the warden comes up to him and says: “hey you spent so much time in this prison and know more about it than anyone else. If you want we can give you a job here when you’re finally released.” The man says: “thank you for the offer but I’m not going to decide on that just yet.” At which point the warden promptly gives him 20 more years since you can’t end a sentence with a proposition either.


I love it:


My friend got very mad and almost cried because I misused “a” and “an” What an grammar queen


After reading all that I had to laugh and with a cringe give you an up vote.


He originally went to prison for hiring a prostitute who called out to him on the street. In other words, he started his sentence with a proposition.