Accidental Discovery: Lithium Sulfur Battery – Chemical Phase of Sulfur observed to slow battery degradation at room temperature

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Lithium sulfur. Now that sounds like something ecological to make edit: not >> now (autocorrect)


New discovery may play a major role in battery and energy futures. In researching the potential and issues of lithium sulfur batteries, researchers observed a chemical phase of sulfur that slowed (stopped in the article’s verbiage) battery degradation. The sulfur component entered into a monoclinic gamma-phase, which created this effect. Quoted details below and in the article itself. The article speaks to it much better than I, but restated – > On the surface, lithium-sulfur seems to solve all of lithium-ion’s problems. It uses far less ecologically harmful materials, can be cheaper to produce, can be up to three times more energy-dense (meaning a lighter battery) and is far less likely to catch fire. All without compromising charge speeds. The issue, of course, being degradation and life cycle wear. However, the discovery spoken of herein states the issue may be resolved. This would provide a more ecological solution to many of the energy storage problems that face a number of green future-facing solutions have. Edits are because I didn’t know the rules/posting from Apollo, and I just typed up as I did. Hopefully not breaking a title rule since I paraphrased, but the original title didn’t say much. The noteworthy paragraphs of the article are: > …a chemical phase of sulfur that basically stops battery degradation! They were so shocked by this discovery that they had to check 100 times to ensure they weren’t misreading it. > This chemical phase is known as monoclinic gamma-phase sulfur but had only ever been observed in the lab at high temperatures — upwards of 95°C (203°F). This is the first time it has been seen at room temperature.