Aging clocks aim to predict how long you’ll live

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Good news everyone! Check out my new invention, the “Death Clock”! Might be off a few seconds, what with free will and all.


I can’t think of anything id want less then to know how much longer i have to live…


That is a question I do not want to know. But I am always in awe of the advancements in science and human biology that I’m witnessing throughout my lifetime. Edit: typo


The 40 year old VCR at my parents house is telling me I will die at 12:01


>Most aging clocks estimate a person’s biological age based on patterns of epigenetic markers—specifically, chemical tags called methyl groups that are layered onto DNA and affect how genes are expressed. The pattern of this methylation across thousands of sites on DNA seems to change as we age, although it’s not clear why. > >Some clocks promise to predict life span by estimating how a person’s body has aged, while others act more like a speedometer, tracking the pace of aging. Clocks have been developed for specific organs of the body, and for multiple animal species.