Apple calls out Meta for ‘hypocrisy’ for taking nearly 50% cut of virtual sales from developers

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Facebook knows no bounds on their greed. Zuckerberg and his rotten family will keep on taking as long as they dominate social media. We allow it to happen.


50% of an imaginary world


Roblox takes 75%


I dont really like either of those companies, but if Meta’s taking 50%, thats quite a big chunk out of devs revenues. If a dev launches a somewhat successful app with a potential revenue of say $500,000. Meta : gets $237,500 Apple: gets $150,000+$100/yr Does the Meta’s targeted advertising using our data from FB and Insta, really help the developer, and is it worth the extra $87,000 that Meta charges?


I’m starting to think this Zuckerberg might not be trustworthy.