Christians need to stop pretending that ancient people could distinguish between delusions and miracles.

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The claim that might bother me the most is “There were thousands of witnesses to the resurrection”. No, there is a *claim* that there were thousands of witnesses. You can’t just write that there were witnesses and have that count as evidence. “Your Honor, thousands of people saw me not kill that man. It says so in this book I just wrote.” Did a single *witness* write down word one about it? Is there any other evidence that thousands saw this? No.


What gets me about Jesus and the resurrection is the lack of documentation outside the Bible. The son of a literal god is walking around and performing literal magic and not a single historian or government takes notice. He later dies and comes back to life and again nobody bothers to document it? Uh huh


Hell, I won’t even go that far. It’s a book written a while back by a bunch of different people. I have no reason to believe that Moses thought he saw a burning bush or that people really thought Jesus reattached a severed ear. Somebody wrote it. Nobody can support it. It’s like someone writing the Greek tale about Echo. Nobody can prove her story. There’s no reason to assume anyone thought they witnessed it. Unless God is willing to tell me that the Bible is legit the word of God, I’m not going to give it any credibility as a story of divinity. It was written by people, and it’s flawed like people.


Why are you arguing from the position that Jesus existed in the first place?


>when Christians complain that we set the bar too high Can a mere mortal raise a bar so high that even God can’t reach it?