Conservatives are sexualizing kids and robbing LGBTQ youth of role models

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1. The vast majority of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by family members. 2. Republicans want only family members to talk to their kids about sexuality. 3. They’ve defined talking to kids about sexuality as “grooming”. Make your own conclusions.


That’s the point. They don’t want LGBTQ kids to see that it’s ok to be gay. They don’t want straight kids to accept LGBTQ kids.


Do you know who never touched any children I know? LGBT folk. You know who raped someone I know when they were a child? A homophobic Christian conservative man. He donated tons of money to churches and missionaries. Do you know what happened when I insinuated to some of his missionary friends that he was a pedo? They just ignored it so they could keep getting his money. At his daughter’s funeral everyone was extremely vigilant in making sure that he didn’t find out she was gay. That sums up conservative Christianity: they have more shame in being gay than in being an actual goddamn child rapist


Over 40% of the homeless youth in the US identify as some flavor of LGBT. These kids are made homeless because either they get kicked out of their homes or their homes aren’t safe places for them to live, and the people who do this are overwhelmingly conservative. There’s a reason why places like Austin, TX, and Atlanta, GA, have huge concentrations of LGBT people, and that’s because those kids eventually gravitate there, where it’s safe and where they feel supported.


this kind of bad policy should set the GOP up for a monumental fall from power. Then again, Trump running should have. Trump governing should have. If the GOP gets to both pass horribly unpopular legislation and win anyways, I don’t know how you can say anything but that democracy is dead in the US. If the GOP meets the cancer-cleansing effect of democracy voting them out with shenanigans and elections overturned, that will seal it.