DeSantis redistricting map is ‘overtly racist,’ Black lawmaker Bracy says

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“Well, our citizens in Florida voted 51 to 48 to elect Trump. So when we district the state, it’s totally reasonable to give the GOP close to 75% of the districts. It’s the only fair way to move forward.”


Really the only thing the US Supreme Court had previously left intact of the Voting Rights Act is a prohibition on gerrymandering based on race. The new SCOTUS probably will change that too given an opportunity.


*Desantis redraws districts into giast swastika. ​ GOP: “wow. Didn’t know he was such an artist. 10/10”


It is. He’s a terrible governor, one of the worst. Remember, Florida: ELECTION IN NOVEMBER!


Of course it is, he’s aware of that, it’s who he is