Drive it till it falls apart… have I reached that point?

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>$5k to fix >235k miles >12mpg when gas is approaching $5/gallon idk man with that level of disposable income i’d cut my losses and suffering and just get a new car.


A reliable, safe car for your kid to ride in would be a big factor for me.


If you get a trailblazer to 237k miles you deserve a medal. It’s time to ditch that thing.


>I dunno, what would you do? Pony up the $5k and fix a car with 235k miles on it and just pray that it keeps going a few more years, buy a new car and pay cash, buy a new car and finance it, buy another clunker, etc. It’s worth less than it cost to fix. Yeah it’s time for a new or new to you vehicle.


I’m a big fan of beaters and keeping the old stuff alive…. that said, I think it’s time to let this one go. It had a good, long life. No shame it putting it out to pasture (or shooting it). As for the replacement — there’s a lot of room between new and clunker. Financially that’s probably the most prudent but if you’re not seeing anything you like in that range, it seems like you’re in a position where you could easily buy new as well if you wanted. And it almost makes sense in this market — I just checked on Mazda CX-5 (what I would buy if I wanted a newer car) in my area and used AWD models go for $22-27k and new is about $32k. I’d probably still buy used to save the $5-10k but I can see why someone wouldn’t.