Editorial: If Feinstein is mentally unfit, Democrats need to tell her openly. And she should resign

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Her time to gracefully leave was long ago. Edit: since term limits and issues related to ageism became a bit of a sub topic. Here’s how I view term limits: • congress – 6 two year terms • senate – 2.5 six year terms • federal judges – 16 year appointments • supreme court – 20 year appointments I don’t have a problem with people being old and still having good ideas. I have an issue with people like Ted Stevens and grassley and Byrd and feinstein who were just there for the rewarding of seniority that made keeping people in office more of a value than what that person could bring to the office.


The future of the country is determined by people that only have a few years left in it.


Why aren’t there term limits for these people?


The same could be said about Grassley. No one is going to do anything like that to a senior person in their party. Seniority is paramount in our legislative process.


This isn’t about Feinstein or DEM vs GOP. Politicians don’t resign, Their colleagues can’t get rid of them. Term limits, don’t give any of them decades in a corrupt atmosphere. You aren’t in touch with what the population wants after all that time. You don’t even live where your represent, really. The way you stay in contact is through people paying money to get next to you, which you then make your policies off of.