European Central Bank will not increase interest rates, only curtail asset purchases in third quarter.

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Omg it’s the same thing . Who do they think they are kidding. The only way out of this inflation is a giant recession that destroys the capital they printed out of thin air. Can’t wait for asset prices to fall like a rock


These clowns will doom the euro. We’ll soon be facing at least 15% inflation. What a great time to be living in Eu. Lagarde is so incompetent, that she actually believes inflation will go away by itself with no actions required. Kind of like Trump believed Covid will disappear on its own. To this day i cant believe that this crook is running the whole union’s monetary policy.


Except for Ukraine when the time comes to rebuild it, what good is this kind of monetary policy at all? I feel like economists are way too stupid to be allowed to handle the tools they have at their disposal. Unless the plan was to make the rich richer all along.


Isn’t the inflation rn because of supply side shocks? Correct me if I’m wrong here but the interest rates have very less affect on the cost Push inflation right ? And if we increase the interest rates won’t we stifle the much needed growth after the pandemic?


EU will not address inflation and the insane hidden money printing (buying problematic countries’ worthless debt way beyond legal limits), until they cement the chains at each country’s feet to prevent runaways. They want eurobonds to spread out their tendrils, because they are essentially shared economic slavery where leaving the system will be impossible. And people don’t understand how ridiculous amounts of this shared debt there is and will be, because ECB hides it. Only then when everyone is tied together, will EU/ECB make the truly unpopular decisions which annihilate the responsible nations. If people are unhappy with EU financials already, it hasn’t even started. UK will be considered a genius country in hindsight, they are not increasingly responsible in EU’s fiasco.