FFRF’s objection to daily intercom prayer in a Louisiana elementary school has quickly ended the violation. Every morning students would recite a prayer to “Father God” after the Pledge of Allegiance, but the prayer has been removed thanks to FFRF.

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FFRF and AU are the only two organizations that I don’t regret supporting. Both are wonderful organizations that actually get things done.


Now they gotta get rid of that pledge of allegiance.


PSA: if you shop on amazon consider designating ffrf as you charity, every little bit helps.


>I think they do a moment of silence. Instead of a moment of silence, how about a moment of science? It is school, FFS.


It’s just bewildering to me these people dont realize how beligerant they’d be if their kid was saying a Muslim prayer but not that’s not double standards because my religion is the true true based on absolutely fuck all