Finland preparing for Russian ‘consequences’ if it joins NATO: top MoD official

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Russians threats have become the normal now and no one bats a eye anymore lol


No one is afraid anymore. Ukraine has exposed the weakness and corruption of the evil empire, and now the knives, sharpened in the dark for so long, are coming out.


Who would have thought? The peaceful nations bordering Russia who’ve had previous experience of Russian invasions would look at what they’re doing in Ukraine and want to join a peaceful defensive alliance to protect themselves. ​ Every fucking one of us except for Putin – what a complete myopic arsehole.


If Ukraine is a death trap Finland is hell on earth. They’ve been preparing for a Russian invasion since the 40’s.


You better listen up Finland and do what Russia says or they’ll pack your highways with the burnt out shells of their armored vehicle battalions. Might take you months and months of road repairs before those highways are back in use.