Free childcare for kids up to 1 years old in Portugal. What are your thoughts?

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Could we start using the words “government subsidized” instead of “free” to describe programs accurately?


I’m all for it. I actually think it’s a better idea than free college (though free college is also a good idea). Free babysitting services to impoverished families allows those adults to find extra time to work and save money. They can then use that extra money and free time to buy the essentials they need to live, but also invest in their future and pursue education. Get a better job that lets them make *more* money. Start a side gig that profits and grants a nice taxable income source. There’s nothing but benefit to be had in free childcare for the people. Anything that allows us to invest in the population and make that population better should be done. It’s shocking to me that we aren’t *already* doing it.


Sounds like a long drive from America, but it might be worth it.


This sounds like a very good thing but nothing is free so I’m wondering if they are going to increase taxes or if money will be re-allocated from somewhere else. Good for the kids though and hopefully future generations