French court revokes SpaceX’s Starlink internet license, citing monopolization concerns

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So you limit the choice of French citizens to only land based ISPs and you think this somehow improves competition?? The real reason here is buried. They don’t like SpaceX competing in satellite building and launching.


Lol. You’re product is too good compared to everyone else.


” You’re the only company capable and willing to offer an innovative product, so we will deceptively call you a monopoly, revoke your license to do business, so that the true ISP monopoly can continue unhindered in offering dumpster-fire quality service. “


1 **The country’s telecoms regulator will have to conduct a public consultation first.** The highest administrative court in France revoked SpaceX’s license to provide internet services in the country via its Starlink megaconstellation, citing monopolization concerns due to the size and scale of the company’s operations. France’s telecom regulator, Arcep, awarded SpaceX the license in February 2021 without first conducting a public consultation, the court determined. The court appeal was led by two environmental organizations that cited possible impacts of the megaconstellation on the environment, including light pollution, space debris and also human health. The court, however, based its decision to revoke the license mostly on the argument that the nature of SpaceX’s business — which includes rocket and satellite manufacturing, launch services, satellite operations and telecommunication services — could distort the market and squeeze out competition, which, in the end, would negatively affect French consumers. “This project could even disrupt the economic balance of other sectors because of SpaceX’s vertical integration strategy,” the court’s public rapporteur said in a report on April 5. “By manufacturing its own satellites, the launchers to put them into orbit, piloting the constellation and marketing its own telecommunications services, Starlink is competing with satellite manufacturers, [European launch provider] Arianespace, radio network equipment manufacturers and telephone operators.” Arcep will have to comply with the court’s decision and reconsider SpaceX’s application. The regulator has now invited the public to submit their objections by May 9. In a statement released on April 8, Arcep defended its previous decision, claiming that Starlink’s operations would not have a “significant impact on the market nor affect end users’ interests.” “The frequency band in question indeed enables the cohabitation of multiple satellite industry players, and does therefore not create a situation of spectrum scarcity,” Arcep said in the statement. “Moreover, the day the authorization was awarded, other satellite superfast broadband plans were already available, whose users number in the tens of thousands, amongst the more than 17 million superfast broadband subscribers in France.”


New companies offering products no one else has yet are not monopolies. The French courts are idiots.