Germans told to save energy and annoy Putin

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So, save energy not to save the world from climate change, not to save money, but… out of spite. This argument is strangely compelling.


Politicians running Germany for the last decade could have done the same.


Lowered my house temperature from 20.5C to 19C. Aint much but its honest work


Can’t do much more… I’m not heating, I use public transport…


Strange this is the headline. Instead of writing about the “Easter package”, a package of laws by the very same minister that is aimed at making power supply 100% renewable by 2035. Alternatively one could have written about the dozens of measures said minister has taken to make Germany independent of Russian fossil fuels asap. Instead the headline is just about a rather irrelevant side remark. And in the end the article isn’t even about the German minister, but a collection of various things related to the war.