Have you ever felt a deep personal connection to a person you met in a dream, only to wake up feeling like shit knowing they never existed? Whats your story?

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I had a girlfriend in my dreams when I was like 14 or so, I had a real girlfriend too but I loved the one in my dreams much more… oh the guilt. I had regular dreams of her for about 3-4 months, and we used to like catch up from last time, hang out, what ever, nothing really happened, it was not sex dreams but love dreams.


Yep, in my dream she vanished but everywhere I went, there was a trace of her. Usually it was a lip mark with red lipstick against either a cup or napkin. I spent the rest of my life in the dream searching for her.


A girl gave me her entire arm to keep as a momento.


Had a dream I was a superhero and fell in love with my friend in the dream who was also a superhero. The next day I was telling my best friend about it and I froze as I watched the dude walk in the mall. I had never seen or met him before


Not me but a friend went on a missions trip to Central America to help a local community with some infrastructure projects they were doing. Before leaving they were told the nearest hospital was ten hours driving from the remote village they would be at so if there were an emergency there would be virtually no way to get them to it so to bring plenty of first aid, any medications they needed in excess, and to be careful. Well about half way through the trip my friend got up and dressed like any other day and came down to the table in the house they were staying in. There were two members from the village down there organizing gear as they were all going out to dig a well and some irrigation ditches that day. In the middle of the table sat a very large bowl of what she thought was some kind of porridge, she described it as looking similar to oatmeal but soupier very white and bland with small chunks of stuff. Since they got there simple calorie dense foods had been a staple so she didn’t think anything of it grabbed a dish and served herself then began eating assuming it was breakfast. As she was about 2/3rds of the way through her serving the locals turned around and started freaking out making her think she was supposed to have waited for the others and had committed some cultural no-no she didn’t understand and started to apologize. Turns out no. Instead that bowl of goop wasn’t food it was a paste the locals used to try to keep insects off themselves during the day and was very much so not food. It was basically the equivalent of if you were prepping for a hike and turned around to see someone had put a straw in the bug spray and was most of the way through the bottle. When the Mission Leader asked them how bad it was going to be for her they told him they needed to rush her to the hospital which after all the hoopla about how hard it would be to get there and how the villagers only went for the most extreme cases scared her. By the time she got to the hospital she was pale and throwing up and the doctors looked over her and basically told the Mission Leader that the toxic ingredients were likely either thrown up or digested by now and while it won’t be enough to prove deadly she’ll need to be hooked up to an IV for hydration as the vomiting and deliria was going to continue for a few days. They hooked her up and over the course of three days she came in and out of reality and according to her had a continuous dream where she started at 16 (The age she was on the trip) and grew up, graduated Highschool, went to College, met a guy, got married, got pregnant, and watched her little baby be born and grow up to the age of about 5 loving and cherishing this child the whole time. When she finally snapped out of it she had a hard time understanding at first what had happened and was panicking asking for her husband and son whose names were Allen and Tyler and it took most of the day for her to really wrap her head around everything. Not long after she went home and spent some time in therapy working through her emotions of this deep love she felt for two people who did not exist and coming to terms with the fact that she had just woken up about a decade younger than she thought she was.