Hero dog waited with friend until help came at least 6 HOURS after pooch was hit by car

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Love that they will end up together!


Heroic dogs together forever


Dogs are amazing . I was running on a highway with two huge golden retrievers a few years back. Somehow I fell. Broke my leg and arm. Tried to stand, and couldn’t. Couldn’t let go of the dogs either. Had to try to hold them with one arm. One dog didn’t realize there was a problem and lunged forward and I screamed at him; I think I was panicking as we were outside of town. Immediately both dogs got down and surrounded me -one at my back and the other into my chest. They did not move. I had seen wolves on this road, had no idea when a car would come by. It was awful. They hung in there with me. Eventually a car stopped and on the way to hospital we dropped the dogs off. They slinked into the store and the owner came running out – she said she knew immediately something had happened because of the dogs demeanor. I loved those dogs, we were friends for many years.