If God designed us perfect in his image, why is circumcision?

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Well you see, because people also have free will, and those boys may just grow up using that free will to jerk off and we can’t have that. … Not that it’s actually stopping them, of course, but that was the idea. Now, in the US at least, circumcision is simply so commonplace that people circumcise their boys out of what is effectively peer pressure and fear of judgement moreso than religious reasons.


Why exactly does god have a penis? I thought he had existed for eternity in nothingness as a disembodied magic conciousness before creating man or even the angels. What would his penis even be made of before the universe and all matter was created? And what would his penis have been used for? No universe means no drinking so no pee. No other gods around so no sex. Just asking the important questions.


God is not good.


+ both male and female circ are dangerous and so harmful


According to the Bible, it’s about a sacrifice to prove devotion and loyalty to god. It isn’t done because we are imperfect and it is a correction, it is because you have to be damned serious to mutilate yourself or your child.