If joker figures out Batman’s gym schedule ,he could attack Gotham the day after Batman’s leg day and get away with it

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Batman has a contingency plan to defeat every member of the justice league including super man, I’m pretty sure he’s got one for “if my legs are wobbly”


Batman’s leg day exercise is just kicking the Joker, so he does know when it is, but he’s not very likley to attack the following day.


I don’t think Batman does leg day, honestly. Look at all the various cartoons, his legs are tiny in comparison to his upper body. Batman skips leg day.


Lmao dude when you train for a significant amount of years, being sore is so casual it doesn’t really affect your day to day. It honestly feels weird to not be sore.


Lol they hang upside down for crazy amounts of time I doubt leg day is an issue