If you were immortal and could regrow body parts instantly, you could potentially clone yourself by chopping your head off.

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It’s like paper money — you need at least 51% of the bill to be able to get full value.


What if it wasn’t “potentially”? What if that is exactly what could happen? Now, imagine this scenario: you are sentenced to death back in the days where they use the guillotine. The blade goes swiftly through your neck and your head rolls into the basket. And then, to the surprise (and probably horror) of the onlookers and executioners, both bisected parts start regenerating. It only took a few moments before the head completely recovers and stands up. A crowd feasting their eyes on a naked identical twin, that would be you. The clothed one is having trouble regenerating because there is an obstruction; the blade. The instant your executioners removed it, the body spontaneously regains its head. The guards take you away while they repeat the execution, the cycle happens once more. Fast forward and there are now twelve identical iterations of you; it took them that many executions before people started accusing you of witchcraft. All of you are thrown into the same cell, awaiting a new execution. The day comes around and all of you are burned on the stake. The pain is nonetheless, expectedly excruciating. Yet no matter how much time passes, you won’t die; you and the others. Seeing as none of you are turning to ashes, your executioners change tactics once more. A weight is chained on your ankle and you all sink to the very bottom of the ocean. It is dark and lonely. Lungs filling with water, you have nobody but each other. Edit: I’m just gonna include something inspired from the comments. You and the others would scream, for the pain of three-hundred-and-eighty-fold pressure from being at the very bottom of the ocean would break your mind. You’d wish you were dead for tis’ a fate far crueler than death but alas, your pleas for release fall naught but on the deaf ears of the sea, as your suffering only has one audience; the abyss.


Ajin: Demihuman. Part of the subplot of this anime.


Try it!