In honor of Good Friday, let’s point out that modern Christians would crucify Jesus all over again if he actually did return. The moment he started pointing out their hypocrisies & challenging them, they’d kill his ass. It wasn’t the nonbelievers who allegedly killed Jesus. It was the religious.

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Imagine the insanity if Jesus appeared appeared in a blaze of light seen all over the world and said btw Christianity today has completely veered away from my original vision. The church doesn’t need your money and you should use it to help the poor instead of buying things you don’t need. Religious groups would be scrambling to figure out how to discredit him and he’d die in a tragic accident.


It wouldn’t even get that far. A brown jew from the middle east claiming to be Jesus? He’s dead the minute he reaches the US.


100% My friend said he’s surprised I left the catholic church. I sent him a video of how people murdered and converted the indigenous people of south america. (He’s Mexican) He had the audacity to tell me that it had to be done to convert them. Millions had to die so they could be christian. He truly believed that😓.


bold of you to assume he was real to begin with.


Im an atheist but god damn I wish all the christians would actually go to heaven. I cant imagine a greater punishment then them having to kiss the feet of a brown skinned, socialist, Jew that knows exactly how these evangelicals feel about people like him.