Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa Mosque, over 150 Palestinians injured

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Israel claims they went in “to disperse and push back” the crowd after a group of Palestinians began throwing rocks towards the nearby Jewish prayer space of the Western Wall.


Every Ramadan is the same dance. Hamas sends agitators to Al Aqsa to attack Israeli police, taunting an Israeli response, then tells the world how Israel violates the sanctity of Al Aqsa. The victims are the people who are just there to pray in peace, and end up being pawns in the middle between Hamas and Israeli forces, neither caring about them.


Ah yes, Al Jazeera, Hamas’s favorite propaganda machine. Every single time this happens, Hamas agitators taunt and provoke Israeli police, then *surprised Pikachu face* when they get quashed as well they should, and innocent bystanders get caught in the crossfire, and Hamas wants all the blame on tHe IsRaElI oCcUpAtIoN.


So much for a peaceful Ramadan , fuck


Yeah, after Palestinian Hamas activists lob rocks at people who try to pray near it in peace for a few days. I hate how fucking one sided the media makes it. Like israelis have fun just annoying Palestinians, because why the fuck not? Everyone love wasting police money on annoying a bunch of Palestinians who do absolutely nothing wrong. Sheesh people, use your brain for once.