its insulting when people tell me i was able to achieve sobriety by god

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When I stopped drinking almost 4 years ago, I had the same type of people telling me the same thing. Not only is it insulting, it’s devaluing. **YOU** were strong enough to get sober. **YOU** are the one choosing each day to stay sober. **YOU** deserve all the praise for that. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel differently.


Start telling them that. “I don’t feel god gets any credit for my hard work. And if he caused my addiction to begin with as a test then he’s abusive and needs to take the blame.”


Congratulations on your sobriety!


God’s plan of getting you hooked on drugs at 12 is a pretty fucked up plan.


Sadly with believers humans never get the credit for anything good, its always god to praise. But when its the other way, humans are always to blame for the bad things never god. The one who apparently created everything is never at fault for the bad but always gets the credit for anything good.