Kamikaze Drones in Russia’s War Against Ukraine Point to Future “Killer Robots”

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Honest question : what’s the difference between a drone dropping a bomb and flying home as opposed to using itself as a bomb except that you can’t use the drone again?


OP statement: This article explain the use of loitering munitions drones in the war in Ukraine, particularly with regards to them potentially being Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems. While seemingly not used autonomously, “kamikaze drones” have played a significant role in the war and seemed poised for being turned into “killer robots”. Obviously, this has major implications for the future of AI as well as warfare.


Isn’t a kamikaze drone just a guided missile effectively?


this isn’t even remotely new. the fact you can do it with off the shelf components is…


One of the biggest advantage of drones is they can absorb hits. You can also send a fleet of drones to overwhelm defensive systems. They can’t shot down all the drones so one is bound to get through and do damage.