Lithuania Shrugs Off Russia’s Threat to Deploy Nukes to the Baltics

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Russia is still pretending the world doesn’t know what they actually have in their “Kaliningrad” exclave… Should we tell them we know?


Caring exactly where nukes are based hasn’t really been a thing for decades. Like everyone’s mental model of nuclear warfare for a long time has been to accept that they can hit wherever they want, in sufficient quantities that we can just approximate the entire thing as immediate deletion of the belligerents, with a very poor outlook for all other life on earth. To be making threats based on geographical deployment of nukes just makes them look kind of pathetic and out-of-date.


“Meh.” – Lithuania


Whatever happens happens, I’m not going to be held hostage by evil ever again. Foreign or domestic. So looks like either you go or we all go and we run it back in the next life. Threat denied.


Russia losing creditibilty everyone passing day