Looking for more information about the rebuilding of Warsaw after WW2

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I read somewhere once that the Varsovians (residents of Warsaw) reconstructed their city based on paintings by Venetian artist Bernardo Bellotto, who lived in the 18th century. He was made court painter to the King of Poland in 1768 and created some pretty accurate paintings of Warsaw’s buildings and squares, which the Varsovians used as inspiration in the reconstruction of Warsaw after WWII.


See if you can find a copy/scan of “The six-year plan for the reconstruction of Warsaw” (“Sześcioletni plan odbudowy Warszawy” in Polish), released in 1951. The book is massive (the copy I have at home is 350+ B4 pages) and includes a lot of photographs, diagrams etc. A lot of it is pure propaganda (the book’s sole official author is Bierut, for example), but it’s very interesting nonetheless.


As guide told us during the excursion, the old town of Warszawa was rebuild by citizens money. It was the first part of the the town, which was rebuild after the war


It’s actually a pretty interesting story, from how all was just ruined to how they build it up again. And some places just as it was before. (old quarter) or was that Krakow maybe. Have to look it up again. But the rebuilding of polish city’s after ww2 is fascinating.


Something that may interest you as a comparison is comparing the rebuilding of Warsaw with that of Nowa Huta. Both followed different philosophies of ‘reconstruction’, so could be interesting to examine in tandem