LPT: If a friend is going through rough times, don’t tell them to call you if they need anything. Instead, call them and see if they need anything.

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I felt like I was screaming for help sometimes in those dark moments but my brain couldn’t make the words. It’s so nice when a friend does this, or makes a suggestion, or straight up doesn’t ask (certain help only).


Call them. I know they’re being difficult. I know it’s no fun for you to deal with them right now. I know it’s hard to listen & to let them vent. BUT They’re going to get better and they’re going to remember forever who called them and who avoided them And you’re going to need them the same way someday I guarantee it Think you’ll want them to be there for you then? Karma is watching & listening Paybacks are Hell


exactly. Write it to your calendar so you will not miss it, because it’s important for them.


…call them and see if there’s _something_ they need, or _something_ you can do for them.