LPT: If your gift recipient is an expert in his/her hobby and you’re not, don’t buy them gear for that hobby. They probably know what is best and won’t use what you got them.

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This is good advice. If you know them well enough to know **where** they get their gear, a gift card isn’t a bad idea, and would probably make then super excited. Just thinking about them enough to pick something not only for their hobby, but a gift card from a solid place shows you did your research.


Gear isn’t a good idea but consumable materials can be. If you see someone with a box of wax for their candle making then a second box is probably going to get them excited.


I’ll just add to beware of those “beginner” kits for hobbies, too. You usually see them around Christmas time in gift catalogues or as Black Friday specials. Most are the cheapest versions of the tools and materials used in that particular hobby, and often aren’t even the right tools or quality to let someone starting a new hobby do it right.


I’m going to disagree here. My hobby is growing marijuana. If someone wants to buy me stuff to help grow or show up with seeds I’m more then happy.