LPT: Sometimes it’s not what you need to do, but what you need to stop doing!

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Gugh. Debating the weed thing. Howd you stop wanting it all the time? Lol


Yeah, I used to only smoke at night which was mostly fine, but after kicking it I found I got way better sleep without it. At one point I felt like I couldn’t fall asleep without smoking, but then I realized what actually kept me up the most was worrying that I wouldn’t fall asleep because I didn’t smoke!


I couldn’t agree more and look at my username, I stopped and it’s much better now


Weed hasn’t killed my drive to do things…crippling incurable back pain has. Weed gives me huge portions of my life back by dulling the pain in a way no pill has been able…while leaving me mentally present enough to do the work.