Maladaptive emotion regulation strategies and trait anger appear to be linked to depressive symptom severity

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I’ve never been to therapy or officially diagnosed with depression, despite often using it to describe how I feel (sometimes as self-depracating humor). But when I see studies talking about it’s effects and how symptoms can manifest there’s always a familiarity with what they’re talking about.


“The results obtained in this study indicate that the tendency to experience anger, along with the tendency to focus repetitively on depressive symptoms, their causes, and their meaning might make us feel worse when depressed.”


Can someone post the “different site, didn’t click” version?


I have BPD, can’t regulate any emotions without meds. The synopsis makes sense. I use anger to shield me from fear and depression. Not allowed to be in bed all day feeling sorry for myself.


Why is James McAvoy the poster child of this article?