Miami officer convicted in violent arrest of Black woman who called police for help

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>The video sparked outrage in a county where at least nine police officers from four different police agencies are awaiting trial on allegations they battered suspects while on duty Jesus Christ Florida are you training your cops with WWF videos?


She had one problem so she called police. Now she had *two* problems.


I had an argument with a guy online who purported to be a cop the other day (who knows if he was or not). I said every time I see or interact with a cop, I take the default position that they’re a rat bastard, and he got super upset with that and said most cops are good guys doing their jobs. I told him he was probably right. But the problem is, there are good cops, and there are bad cops. And if I’m encountering a cop, I don’t have any way to know which type I’m dealing with. Someone who is going to help me, or someone who is going to take an opportunity to remove my health and my freedom, two of the most important things in my life. Compounding that is the fact that, based on previous knowledge, any good cops around aren’t going to stop the bad cop, and after the fact, the bad cop is unlikely to face any consequences. So while I don’t believe all cops are shit heads, I have to assume any individual cop is a shit head, just to protect myself.


> A jury took just over an hour to convict a Miami-Dade officer of felony battery and official misconduct in the rough arrest of a Black woman who had called police for help. Nothing to see here, folks, just another thankless hero out here keeping the public safe.


Jesus f’n Christ….White guy, 62 yrs here, cops definitely have a chip on their shoulders. A god complex too. This is no way in any way near this shit but an example: Called police on neighbor down the street having a party till 3 in the morning. Im convinced the cop was pissed he was called on a noise complaint, so he went and told them to turn it down, then stop right in front of my house and knocked on the door to tell me he “took” care of the noise. Next day I had garbage all over my lawn, etc. It’s like he made sure they knew who squealed on them.