Musk says U.S. SEC ‘bastards’ forced settlement over Tesla tweets

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“I was forced to admit that I lied to save Tesla’s life and that’s the only reason,” Musk added. So… you did lie.


Ah yes Elon Musk created by God to make Steve Jobs look humble and down to earth in comparison.


Quote from the article…… “Musk said he felt forced to settle with the SEC because banks threatened to cease providing capital if he did not do so, which would have made Tesla bankrupt immediately.” Tell me again how much this guy is worth. The Emperor has no clothes.


“I can’t believe they enforced law. I’m a billionaire not a plebe.”


Musk thinks because he is rich he doesn’t have to follow the law. And, most often he is right. The richer he gets, the more arrogant and unethical he gets.