My dad told me that my OCD is irrational and blasphemous, and that I should turn to religion to fix it.

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Take absolutely no notice. I was told the same thing about my depression and mental health problems, if i would only turn to god i would feel better. Only problem is every time i look into god and religion it makes my depression worse, strange that… Because religious people feel good (or delude themselves into feeling good) they assume religion will make everyone feel the same. The problem is those of us who aren’t deluded can actually see how disturbing it really is and it doesn’t help with our problems.


Actually, I blame religion from my OCD. Everyday obsessed with the “coincidences” and thinking names of the Devil and then names of God to neutralize it. All started when I realized maybe someone (the Devil) was reading my thoughts (if God could maybe the Devil too) and could make happen the things I was afraid from. The bigger heal I had was my psychologist and “The god delusion” of Richard Dawkins. Atheism did a lot of good in me (although I am a little agnostic yet). Good work with your progress!


Praying can also become an OCD trigger…. What terrible advice. I have OCD, it’s a daily struggle. It is NOT simple to combat your OCD, especially when you can unconsciously turn a “solution” into another ritual. People don’t realize how bad it is, or what it even really entails. I want to say congrats, too!! It’s such a huge accomplishment when you conquer a ritual!! You should be proud!


I think that when parents say such things it can be more telling about them than you. Maybe he was diagnosed with it too or suspects he has it and is defensive. I would try to not take it personally and look at his words as more of a self disclosure than about you.