Narcissistic entitlement and vulnerability linked to maladaptive romantic relationship outcomes

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>Research published in the Journal of Research in Personality found that higher entitlement and higher vulnerability (but not grandiosity) were associated with generally negative relationship outcomes such as increased perception of the availability of alternative partners and less overall relationship satisfaction, respectively. >“Narcissism is conceptualized as a spectrum of traits that share an entitled self-concept but vary in the extent to which they are characterized by more approach- or avoidance-related motivational tendencies…Whereas traits linked to approach-related motivational tendencies involve boldness and grandiose behaviors, traits linked to avoidance-related motivational tendencies involve defensiveness and vulnerable behaviors.” This is basically demonstrating that grandiose/malignant narcissists may have more relationship success than vulnerable/fragile narcissists, which is pretty interesting. People implying this is common sense didn’t even read this article, much less the study


Thank you for summing up my first marriage so succinctly.


r/NPD As someone diagnosed covert NPD and CPTSD I’d say it’s sadly honestly very spot on. This generalized view on narcissism gets everyone acting like an expert on the trait but not the condition… the avoidance stems from me having to internally acknowledge and process a factor which has the ability to allow others to question the version of myself I have presented to be to my social circles. In relationships my partner is a direct reflection of who I am or are trying to present and if I dislike an act or a trait that she performs publicly I can become shamefully embarrassed and more importantly inferior. Many times once the acts been established there’s no fixing or working through because even the continued acknowledgement of it becomes distressing. I will try to completely ghost the concept even in my own head, shut down emotionally and look for activities that help me escape mentally. Anytime I look for advice or online therapy the only thing I find are suggestions for coping with me but nothing to help learn how to cope with myself…


Why don’t you explain it to me like I’m five.


So, being an asshole can lead to your partner leaving you. Noted.