NASA halts third attempt at SLS practice countdown

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Hydrogen is a royal PITA to deal with as it wants to leak everywhere. Having said that, this is exactly the kind of thing that NASA could have found months/years ago if they had build a pathfinder.


This is infuriating. The Attorney General should open an investigation and Boeing should be forced to pay back all of the money we’ve paid them for SLS and Starliner.


The Senate Launch System’s mission is to protect NASAs budget from going to the Pentagon. Long as that goal is met, it can (and likely will) spend its days glued to the launch pad.


I wonder what happens when it malfunctions on lift off and has to be destroyed by the range safety officer? Considering NASA’s *’rapid’* prototyping cycle is a decade long? The SLS was Ill conceived, hampered by unstable congressional funding and obsolete before the metaphorical keel was laid. NASA should focus on what they are good at, outer planetary and deep space exploration missions and leave heavy lift and inner planetary missions to private industry.


The 3 things I really wanted to see in my life are a permanent maned presents on the moon. A maned round trip to Mars. and the James Web first 200 pictures. I hope I live long enough to see them.