NASA researchers have created a new metal alloy that has over 1000 times better durability than other alloys at extreme temperatures and can be 3D printed

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When people are like “yo why do we spend so much money on funding NASA” and I’m like…


This new alloy has the potential to revolutionize space and aero technologies by providing superior properties in 3D printed metallic components. The new fabrication technique that was developed by NASA to create the new alloy may also help realize other future technologies such as fusion reactors!


Materials Scientist here! This alloy is within the class of ODS (oxide dispersion strengthen) steels. As it says on the tin, nano-sized oxides (commonly yttrium oxides) are scattered throughout the microstructure and sit at the grain boundaries. These oxides prevent the movement of dislocations through the microstructure which would otherwise lead to failure of the alloy. I’ve seen some people querying about how an alloy with high operating temperatures can be 3D printed. The answer is sintering, it’s how we produce ceramics too, we only need to heat the moulded component to a fraction of its melting temperature where the powders begin to bond together and densify. Powder Metallurgy is a really cool area of research. This alloy is probably produced through a powder bed fusion method like selective laser sintering.


Finally some of that ufo reverse engineering work is being allowed out into the civilian world.


Great now let’s get to using that arospike engine thay said needed this to work.