New Heat Engine With No Moving Parts Could Fully Decarbonize the Power Grid

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Can anyone explain how a thermophotovoltaic cell differs from a regular photovoltaic cell since they both run on photons?


Isn’t the biggest challenge always going to be how to store the energy versus how it’s collected?


Low power but combined with other low energy tech is going to really have opportunities. Why not combine it with solar and the back side thats in the shade can be the temp different from the front.


> 1,900 to 2,400 degrees Celsius, or up to about 4,300 degrees Fahrenheit That’s really hot. Above the melting point of steel hot. I suppose they could use these to reuse some of the heat produced during heavy industry, but this is not even remotely suited to mass scale energy production.


I think I’ll wait til this Is used in any single practical application before getting excited