New study indicates social identity threat can boost support for Christian nationalist ideologies

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Study, circa 500 BC: Tribe shun outsider, treat traitor harsh >Unga Bunga


Literally anything can threaten religious people. Not exactly the most groundbreaking news.


We say social equality, the Christo-fascists say social identity threat.


Of course. This same “threat” perception was driving the massive conflict of Protestant Reformation and in recent years has been driving similar schism/conflict/groups in Islam and some Islamic nations.The idea that these folks will just understand separation of Church and State and that will deal with this is not going to happen. Their world view is predicated on them not being separate and NOT seeing it as separate in the perceived better past, it is literally God’s Chosen. Whether that is Israel, American Manifest Destiny, or a Caliphate… it is even embedded in the idea of marriage (if God is first in the marriage…). If you see religious belief as THE foundation for life/marriage/state then any threat to that belief implies shaking the foundation and utter collapse of what is perceived as built on it (e.g. building house on a rock). Why do you think so much apocalypses, prepping, etc.? They believe/feel a personal and social earthquake. edit: this is not just a US thing Putin and his support for Russian Orthodox Church is playing on this very idea, and pretty effectively. If you think what some call “Trumpism” is just here need to look at Russia, Turkey, and others.


Wait til they discover radical islam