Opinion : Kushner’s Saudi deal must be scrutinized to protect U.S. democracy

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I can’t read another ‘must’ article. I can’t. Must get rid of electoral college. Must protect voting rights. Must bring Jan 6th plotters to justice. Must get billionaires out of our politics. Must get corporate cash out of our politics. Must get churches out of our politics. Must get Fox News off the air. Must must must must. Nothing is happening. Nothing. Not one thing is getting fixed, healed, progressing. There is no justice. There is no progress. And we are on the brink of a political hell we may never get out of. I can’t.


I still want to know who invested 1 billion in truth social. It’s either Saudis or Russia…


By far the biggest bribe by a foreign government of a top US official. Is our Justice system leaky enough to allow it?


>**For MBS, Kushner represents another powerful domestic proxy to interfere in American politics.** … >**MBS expects a substantial return for the billions he is showering on Republican figures. Of course, Saudi interference in U.S. elections is not new.**


U.S. democracy doesn’t exist. Let’s quit pretending it does. The U.S. is an oligarchy