‘Please tell me what I should be saying.’ Text messages show Sen. Mike Lee assisting Trump efforts to overturn 2020 election. Newly released text messages show Lee knew of scheme to send alternate electors to Congress nearly a month earlier than he claimed.

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So clear evidence of involvement in a conspiracy of electoral fraud and forgery.


It’s so depressing to know that millions of my fellow citizens not only are okay with this, but openly support it.


It seems that all of these fussy little fuckers that claimed to be unfairly targeted by the investigation actually had something to hide.


It was crystal clear before trump was even in office that he would try something like this. Everyone knew. There were people retweeting the definition of stochastic terrorism for years leading up to it. And I think that’s why the emphasis solely on the 6th pisses me off so much. The entire trump presidency was an affront to everything that America supposedly stands for and corrupt to it’s very core. Every second of every day should be investigated for wrongdoing, and that includes looking into all who enabled him. But because of this decision to focus only on the 6th, so much terrible shit is going to get overlooked. So many evil people are going to get away with it. I don’t know how you can’t lose all faith in the entire system at this point.


Utah – correct me if I’m wrong – #1 state for white collar felony / fraud per capita in the USA? Also #1 producer of non regulated supplement production?