Powerful blasts heard in Kyiv and other Ukraine’s cities -local media

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russian probably pissed they lost their flag ship in black sea.


Putin is desperate for people to be afraid of him again. Every country is defying his wishes. Ukraine refuses to surrender. Even attacking back and inflicting humiliating losses on his army. NATO still supplying weapons. Sweden and Finland close to joining NATO. Even some of his own citizens defiantly protesting his invasion. He can’t believe how much control he’s lost in Europe over this. He is now using the ONLY tactic he knows, which is ‘if they won’t love me, then they will fear me’. He will ramp up the death and destruction. Inflict more pain and suffering. But I believe Ukraine will hold firm. So will we her supporters. Slava Ukraini!


The more desperate Russia becomes the louder the explosions.


April 15 (Reuters) – Powerful explosions were heard in the early hours on Friday in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and a number of other cities across the country, local media reported. Overnight, air raid sirens were going off over all of Ukraine. Explosions were also heard in the southern city of Kherson, the eastern city of Kharkiv and in Ukraine’s western city of Ivano-Frankivsk. There has been no official confirmation of the explosions.


Ukraine makes a precision strike on an extremely valuable asset. Russian response is to flail around firing rockets while pissing into the wind.