Reddit, how did YOUR pet hamster die?

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Oh goodness. This thread is awful. Mine died of old age at the hearty age of 3, and all of the family were gathered around when he died. We didn’t sit there for ages as a vigil, but we had the little basket in the kitchen out in the open and you knew that he was going. So I sat with him with my brother, whilst my parents said it would be nice if we could bring him into the kitchen, whilst they prepared dinner. He then just passed away, and we buried after him in a little shoebox under a rose tree. After dinner.


He managed to escape his cage and got eaten by the dog 🙁


my ham’ died of failure to make a landing, I think. she had a thing of climbing to the top of her cage, and then letting go so to do a flip and land on her feet. (she had a wheel and a huge cage, just seemed to like doing that) one day we came home from our local italian joint and found her basically on her head, motionless. we think that she tried to do the flip but fucked up and broke her neck when she landed on her face. great little buddy, but unfortunately she was probably pushing her luck doing that. ​ edit – I’m turning off notifications for this comment because y’all are demented. the cage was roughly 1.5’Wx1’Lx1.5’H and was advertised for guinea pigs, and I’d regularly let her out to run around the house in one of those translucent balls. she’d managed to land it several dozen times a day for almost 1 1/2 years, so I think she just made a mistake and that was the end of it. in hindsight, I’m considering putting more padding on the floor of the cage the next time I get a hamster, since this was back in 2011.


Tangram the hamster died of old age, which apparently is something of a rarity, judging by this thread. It was winter, and the ground outside was too hard for a funeral like the one my sister’s hamster got, so my dad dutifully wrapped him up in a plastic bag and put him in the freezer. A few years ago we had to get a new refrigerator, because the old one finally broke. As we were unpacking the freezer, we found a plastic bag with something small and fuzzy inside. Yes, it was the Tangramsicle. It was winter again, and the ground was again too hard for a funeral. It was also the day before trash day. This time he left.


I had a few hamsters as a kid and don’t really remember how any of them died. I’ll always remember one though. It was my 16th birthday and I decided that with the money I had gotten, I wanted a hamster. I walked all the way to my local garden center as it was the closest place that sold pets (about an hour and a half walk) because my mum wouldn’t take me. Bought a big roomy cage, all the extras like bedding and food, a few toys and walked home with the cage in one hand and the hamster in the other in a little box (everything else in my backpack). I spent about £150 on all that stuff, all the money I had gotten from my birthday plus a little of my small amount of savings. I looked after that hamster better than I looked after myself. A week later I got home and my mum told me it had died. Apparently it had a huge abscess that had burst and killed it…Which I absolutely do not believe as I played with the hamster every day and would have noticed something like that. I was also the only one who dealt with the hamster so, like, how would she have seen it? She also threw away and smashed the cage saying “you can’t put another hamster in it anyway”. I had no hamster and nothing from my birthday. I fucking hate my mum, bitch. R.I.P Jumbo