Research has found people harboring impostor-type concerns tend to compensate for their perceived shortcomings by being good team players with strong social skills, and are often recognized as productive workers by their employers.

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You mean they are buying the act? hells yeah!


Yeah my boss constantly reminds me that I’m the only one who thinks I’m doing a bad job.


I have long battled this. It’s so draining regardless of whether we’re perceived well.


I’m in this post and I don’t like it haha


My old supervisor would tell me all the time that I was doing a great job, closing lots of tickets, etc. I would tell him my goal was to make up for my own incompetence by trying to do as much work as possible. He told me “well, if you’re closing bunches of tickets, then you’re not incompetent…that’s like the whole thing.” And that’s when I realized I wasn’t actually bad at my job.