Researchers rejuvenate skin cells of 53-year-old woman to the equivalent of a 23-year-old’s | The scientists in Cambridge believe that they can do the same thing with other tissues in the body and could eventually be used to keep people healthier for longer as they grow older.

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The original study mention that it was made on tissu invitro. So it doesn’t mean that the body would accept the new skin, it might reject it. Also, it increase by a large margin the risk of cancer. They tried it on rats and it seem to work, but they do get more skin cancer.


Definitely saving this post as this will be the last I ever hear about this again.


Where do I place my order for younger knee cartilage?


The beauty industry is licking its chops.


What happened to this thread? Edit: super excited about this line of research ever since reading Sinclairs book Lifespan. It does seem like there’s something to rejuvenation of the whole by trying to understand the lifespan (from stem to senescence) of the parts.